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New Inno Racks for Your Ride!

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

If you’ve been perusing the Nice Rack Page lately you might have noticed a few new items popping up! We’re very excited to be adding more quality products to our site, so keep an eye out for more. Here’s what’s cooking so far:


INNO manufactures high quality racks in Japan, and we’ve found their products to be extremely versatile for the action sports which we love. Beyond built-to-last quality and versatility, INNO Racks are some of the most innovative systems on the market.

photo by Chris Wellhausen @ Transworld Snowboarding

Since Nice Rack makes the only expandable modular rack for home snowboard storage, we wanted to make sure you had a way to get your snowboard to the mountains! The Inno Grab Max (INA 940) rack allows you to get two snowboards or four skis to the mountains in a snap! The Inno Grab Max system mounts to the factory crossbars on your car or truck in just minutes. You can also lock the racks so you don’t have to worry about leaving your gear on top of your car. I’ve found that throwing my snowboard on the roof is a great way to open up space to bring along more friends!

An exciting variation of the INA 940 Grab Max is the INA 945 Rail Slider II. I personally love this rack because its sliding function means no more climbing on top of the car when its covered in snow!  A snow trip should be a fun vacation, not a heap of labor. The INA 945 takes the grunt work out of loading so you can get down to what matters.


Whether you’re heading out to sea or into the rapids we know how much fun kayaking can be and we’re proud to help you get there! What is awesome about the INNO Locking Kayak/Canoe Rack (INA 445) is that if you plan on taking a canoe out, this product is also designed to be a canoe rack!

The INA 446 Locking SUP Rack is similar to the INA 445, but it is designed to work better with boards. This rack is perfect if you want to transport one or two SUPS. This carrier can also hold windsurfing boards and up to three shortboards!

If you are an SUP fan be sure to check back soon for some exciting news. In the meantime here’s an awesome kayaking video to keep you stoked. I hope no one tries this at home!



Factory Tour

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Ha, this is classic! I just got out of the Dentist chair about 30 mins before I shot this video so my mouth is still pretty numb and I can barely talk, let alone smile. This is a behind the scenes video of the Nice Rack manufacturing facility. Its also my first attempt to use IMovie video editing software so bare with me as I learn how it works. I can’t believe how many times I used the word “basically’…. I need to ‘learn’ myself some camera presence. Anyway, enjoy the tour and as always, thanks for your continued support.



Nice Rack Workspace After Hours

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

This is my first debut contributing to the video blogging world, so forgive me for uploading a rather unremarkable video. I promise future vids will feature more of the content you crave: Surf and Babes. Meanwhile, please enjoy this behind the scenes tour of the NICE RACK workspace, hosted by the semi-delirious Nice Rack owner, Michael, as some ungodly time at night, long after normal working hours. Ha, threw in some extra cheesy music for added effect.

EnviroSurfer: A Green Surf Shop

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Green Surf Shop

Nice Rack is proud to now be carried by EnviroSurfer, an online Eco-friendly surfshop. Envirosurfer was launched in 2009 with the goal to make eco-friendly surf products more widely available for the eco-conscious surfer. EnviroSurfer offers only the very best in eco-friendly surf gear. Everything from surf clothing to surfboards and surf accessories, Envirosurfer has what the Green-Surfer needs. Plus, they don’t stop there: 5% of all proceeds are donated to their Enviro Spotlight cause. So not only does the environment benefit from your purchases of enviro-friendly surf products, but proceeds are donated directly to the causes fighting to protect surf spots globally. Make sure to check them out at: