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Nice Rack is going Green

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Nice Rack is going Green! In an effort to be a more eco-friendly surf rack company,  We are now making surfboard wall racks using 100% recycled plastic. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing surf racks by using recycled materials.

Nice Rack - storage racks for surf, snow, wake, and kite boards

Nice Rack - storage racks for surf, snow, wake, and kite boards

Nice Rack made the switch to recycled plastic earlier this year. Recycled plastic is actually less expensive than Virgin (non-recycled) materials. This made it a no-brainer to make the switch. It’s a win-win solution, we save money on materials while helping to reduce our impact on the environment.

The recycled plastic actually comes from the ‘runners’ or scrap pieces left over from the production process of injection-molded items. Rather, than just throw out these plastic pieces as waste, they are collected and re-processed into re-usable plastic resin pellets. We purchase these resin pellets from a Recycled Plastics vendor to use for the production of our surfboard racks.

While some manufacturers question the durability of recycled plastic, we have found only a marginal difference in strength when used for surfboard racks. While the recycled parts are not indestructible, they work sufficiently well for storing surfboards up to 9 ft. in length. The difference was not significant enough to notice and we figure our customers would much prefer Eco-friendly surf racks anyway.

Surfer, Shaper, and Engineer Darryl Matsui founded Nice Rack in 2005 in San Diego, California. Michael H. Russell, a San Diego Native with a passion for all things surf related, currently operates Nice Rack. Our mission is to provide reliable eco-friendly surfboard storage racks at an affordable price.

Originally designed as a surfboard storage rack, Nice Rack can also be used to store snowboards, wakeboards, and kite boards as well.

We have experienced incredible growth in the last year and look forward to expanding our marketing campaign’s reach to accommodate for the growing demand from action-sports enthusiasts.

Eco-Friendly Surf Wax!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

We’re going Green! is Nice Rack’s motto. And it seems were definintely not alone on this path to make surfing related products more environmentally-friendly. Now, you can add eco-friendly surfboard wax to the list of green-friendly surf related products for sale. In a previous post we mentioned the resin from surfboards can release dangerous toxins into the ocean while surfing. Well, did you know that 95 percent of surf wax for sale can have the same effect on the environment? However, check out Matunas Surf Wax, an organic alternative that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Matunas uses left over produce from local farms in Santa Cruz, California. Organic fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine are used for scent. How cool is that?? Also, unlike traditional surf wax,  Matuna’s does not include any unnatural chemicals, additives, nor paraffin. That’s a good thing.

Don’t surf? There are alternatives for snowboard wax as well. Magic Potion designs and distributes eco-friendly snowboard wax to promote high gliding performance with low environmental impact. So what does that mean to the mountain? It does not gradually disintegrate in contact with abrasive snow and does not leave any harmful residue. Means mountain is happy :)

So next time you buy surfboard or snowboard wax do nature a favor. Go Green! Chances are the earth will thank you for it by stoking you out with great waves or epic snow conditions.