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Do you surf regular or goofy?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
practice surfing on beach

Practice your stance on the beach first.

The very first thing you should know before you try standing up on a surfboard is whether you are a ‘regular’ or ‘goofy’ surfer. No, not whether or not you look goofy surfing, because trust me, all beginner surfers look goofy while learning to surf.

So what am I talking about? Well, the terms regular and goofy refer to which foot you naturally place forward on your surfboard. A ‘regular’ footer surfs left-foot forward, while a ‘goofy’ footer surfs the opposite, right-foot forward. If you have ever tried skateboarding or snowboarding, then it’s usually same stance.

Not sure? These three techniques should help you figure it out:

#1 Bend your knees and find a relaxed and balanced stance as if you were surfing. Try to determine which foot forward feels the most comfortable. Usually the stronger foot is placed towards the back to help put weight on the tail of the surfboard for turning purposes.

#2 Lay on your stomach as if paddling and then quickly pop-up into your surfing stance. Notice which foot you naturally place forward.

#3 This simple trick requires help from a friend. Find a level place to stand, close your eyes and relax, and without announcing when, have your friend lightly push you in the back so that you naturally step forward. The foot you place forward to catch your balance will most likely mirror your natural surfing stance.

Still not sure? Don’t worry you should be able to figure it out after a few rides.

Note: Its important to always place your leash on your back foot. This will help prevent your leash from getting tangled around your legs.

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